Saturday, November 15, 2014

I've been busy!

Really. I have been weaving a lot since my last post, just not blogging. And, I put many, many hours into redoing my upstairs, which included jerking carpet off the floor and painting ceiling to floor. What a job. I am SO glad it's done. It looks nice:

But, back to the weaving. First of all, before I started on the upstairs, I (and a couple guys from my weaving guild) moved the loom downstairs. And I LOVE having the loom where I can walk by it and ponder the warp, where I can jump up and change the clothes to the dryer, make a cup of tea, etc.

First thing I made once it was moved was another blanket for my youngest grandson. The other one is really more bedspread weight and since he kicks around when he sleeps, it ends up wadded up on the foot of the bed. The new one is a Swedish Lace weave. Warp and weft are 8/2 cotton doubled.

Perfect weight. Heavy enough to stay on the bed, light enough for California.

My Guild Christmas party is coming up and we are doing a Shadow Weave exchange. So I warped up for Shadow Weave. I haven't done SW, in any form except Log Cabin, in a long time. My sample was completely in SW, and I really didn't like it. So, I wove the rest of the warp with just a SW border. These are small-ish tea towels. They're pretty elegant looking, I think.

The warp is 10/2 cotton and I set it at 27 epi, using a 12 epi reed. So, the sley order was 2,2,2,3. That 3 is what makes the occasional thin stripe, which is not constant throughout the length of the tea towel.

It's where, for instance, there were 2 blue and 1 white thread in a dent and the sometimes the white thread showed up more than the blues and sometimes not. At any rate, it's a reed mark. I have dented specifically to get reed marks in the past, but this time it's just the way it turned out. It adds an element to a plain background.

I need to do some serious stash-busting, so next I put on a 12 yd. tea towel warp. Mostly 10/2 cotton. Bird's Eye. 30 epi.

Above are a few of the towels. I loved this warp, and it was nice to just sit down and knock out a bunch of towels. I loved it so much I tied on another 12 yd. warp.

This time in blue, green and natural. The photo is my sample, which is all I have in the house right now. The towels are at the cleaners for a hard press. Then I'll hem them, hand press the hems and I'll be done with tea towels for the year.

I'm working on my next warp in my head. I may get to the warping board this afternoon. It will be overshot and it's a confusing project. That's all I'll say about it right now, except I hope to get the first piece threaded before I go to California in a couple weeks. And, I am making extensive notes. I don't want to come back after Christmas, look at this project, and be a complete blank.

Have a good Thanksgiving and Christmas everyone! Maybe my New Year's Resolution should be to blog more?

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